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Introducing The
Avionaut Pixel Pro Rental Scheme


This is going to be particularly helpful for those families who have premature births or multiple births and have smaller babies. You may find that they don’t fit in the average infant carrier and may need more support. This is where the Pixel Pro excels. 

The #avionautpixelpro has an incredible and innovative insert/wedge system that pushes baby up to meet the harness. As your baby grows, you simply detach one of the wedges within the main wedge block, then remove the wedge block entirely, where you’re left with the head-to-body insert together. Then finally that’s removed when the baby no longer needs any insert support.


This infant carrier can be used from


The rental scheme will require a £100 deposit and then £20 per month for 3 months to rent the seat.


Should you only want to rent the seat for a month, perhaps until they fit into an infant carrier or fixed seat you’ve already purchased.

Then you’d get your £100 deposit back when the seat is handed back and only pay the £20. 

If however, you’d like to rent it for longer, then, of course, you may do so and pay for another £20 per month for the additional months. 

Finally, if you’d like to purchase the seat you’ve been renting and keep it, then, of course, you may and whatever money you’ve paid as a deposit and towards the rental of the seat would be used towards the purchase price of £224. 


The Pixel Pro is an amazing and supportive infant carrier and only weighs a tiny 2.5kg. 


If you would like to rent the infant carrier with the IQ Isofix base, this would need to be purchased separately. The IQ base is required should you wish to clip the seat into the vehicle. However, it’s perfectly safe belted in also making the IQ base not completely necessary.


The IQ base can also be used with the Avionaut Aerofix RWF seat, which is a rear-facing Isofix seat for up to 17kg.

Please fill out the below form for more information on how to apply for this fantastic scheme. 

Terms and Conditions Apply

We Will Be In Touch Within 24 Hours

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