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Avionaut Pixel Pro

What do we love about the Avionaut Pixel Pro?

The Avionaut Pixel Pro stands out as one of the most supportive infant carriers on the market. Not only is it super light weight at only 2.5kg. But it offers a fantastic position for the tiniest of newborn babies.

The Avionaut Pixel Pro comes in a sensational array of colourways such as beige, pink, navy, mint, black and grey. Making it easier to coordinate with your personality and preferences. The insert and wedges are also in matching colours to the seat fabrics.

The Avionaut Pixel Pro is designed to support the smallest of babies, from a tiny 40cm all the way up to 86cm/13kg. Meaning this one seat will last them until they'll be ready to move into the next stage extended rear facing seat. It benefits from a wonderful cucooning insert and double wedge system, which can be adapted to fit your baby as they grow. The harness remains in the same position and you simply remove the discs within the insert, then a wedge, then the next wedge and then finally the insert as the baby grows. For the Avionaut Pixel Pro and infant carriers alike, you want the harness to sit in line with baby's shoulders or no more than 2cm below the shoulders. This ensures that baby has a safe fit and there is no risk of the harness straps slipping off of baby's shoulders.

The most important part of any travel system is ensuring you're using a supportive infant carrier. Choosing the Avionaut Pixel Pro you're definitely going to get a good supportive fit. The innovative modular wedges, cosy insert and discs within the insert help to carefully position baby with a clear and open air way, as well as supporting their growing spine.

The Avionaut Pixel received a 2.0 ( Good ) ADAC certification in May 2019 as a belted infant carrier. Then alongside the easy to use and install Avionaut IQ isofix base it received another ( Good ) score, 2.1. It's I-size and AGR certified.

To help protect baby from the elements Avionaut have included an amazing easy to pull down and push up canopy to cover baby.

For those quick trips on the school run, into the shop or fuel station, the Pixel Pro can be securely fixed onto your pushchair chassis with the use of the universal Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapters, which are often supplied with your choice of travel system. Although a car seat should never replace the use of the carry cot or seat unit. This feature can come in handy for those quick necessities.

Here at Saunders & Smalls Car Seats we would highly recommend the Avionaut Pixel Pro. The ease of belt installation, isofix installation, with how lightweight it is, incredible, innovative inserts, fabulous colours, the longevity aspect and ultimately the wonderful position it provides for baby is astounding.

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