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  • Travelling with your baby has just become more sustainable and convenient. Meet the Envirobaby infant car seat, where Swedish safety meets innovative design with the modern parent and the planet in mind. This carrier is compatible with almost all strollers, offering reliable and flexible convenience for your family’s needs.

    This is Axkid Envirobaby

    Stroller Compatibility– our carrier is designed to be compatible with almost all stroller brands on the market.

    Lightweight Design & Easy-to-Handle: Designed for effortless portability, our lightweight construction makes it simple for parents to transport their baby from car to stroller and beyond.

    Conscious Comfort: innovative materials offer premium comfort and lower carbon footprint.

    Flexible Installation Choices: Choose your own path with flexible installation options. Either install securely onto the Envirobase or opt for traditional seatbelt installation, making it adaptable to different car types and situations.

    Let us tell you a little bit more about the Axkid Envirobaby


    Envirobaby pairs with almost all strollers on the market. Switching between car and stroller is now simpler, ensuring a smooth transition for your little one. Make sure you have the correct adapter for your stroller – and you are good to go!

    Featherlight Design

    Our lightweight design ensures the Envirobaby is not only lower in CO2 emissions but also parent-friendly. Effortlessly carry it from home to car to park with ease. Convenience and simplicity are at the heart of its creation.

    Flexible Installation

    Safety meets simplicity. Whether you’re utilising the seat belt for a secure fit or swiftly clicking onto the Envirobase, installation is intuitive and quick. Offering options to fit everyday lifestyles.

    Comfort Meets Reduced Carbon Footprint

    The shell of the Envirobaby is crafted from Trifilon BioLite, a material engineered to perfectly balance impact performance and sustainability. This BioLite material incorporates responsibly grown hemp fibres and offers a significant 30% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional plastics. With the Envirobaby, you’re not only ensuring the best for your baby but also taking a step towards a more sustainable future for the planet.

    Safety First

    Safety remains paramount. Rest assured, the Envirobaby ticks all the boxes when it comes to the stringent safety standards you’d expect for your child. While we’ve evolved the sustainability aspects of its design, its core purpose remains the same: to keep your baby safe and comfortable during journeys.

    Elevate your baby’s travel experience with the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and environmental responsibility. With the Envirobaby, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement.

    Axkid Enviro Baby