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  • The easy, adaptable choice for growing families. Seamlessly connects to the Envirobase for quick transitions, while its adjustable legroom and auto-adjusting headrest evolve with your child. Want to recline during the ride? The Sleep Well System has you covered.

    This is Axkid Envirokid

    Dynamic headrest technology – The internal harness and the headrest automatically adapt to your child’s length and size giving your child the optimal fit every time.

    Easy Click-on installation – One-click installation on the Envirobase means your seat can easily switch between cars.

    Advanced Sleep Well System – Multiple recline settings, adjustable during travel, for ultimate comfort on long rides.

    Extendable Legroom – Our seat grows with your child up to 4 years, offering 6 adjustable legroom setting with the Envirobase.

    Let us tell you a little bit more about the Axkid Envirokid

    The Seamless Transition for Growing Families

    Choosing the right seat for your toddler can be complicated, but with Envirokid, it doesn’t have to be. Our seat is designed to fit easily with the Envirobase, allowing for smooth transitions as your child grows.

    Versatile and Adjustable for growing children

    Why compromise comfort as your child grows? Envirokid features six adjustable legroom settings, providing ample space for your child up to 105 cm or approximately 4 years of age. Coupled with our Sleepwell-System, you can effortlessly adjust multiple recline settings even while on the move. In addition to this, our smart, auto-adjusting headrest that customises itself based on your child’s height, ensuring optimal comfort and safety. Its intelligent design ensures a compact fit in small cars whilst still offering ample legroom.

    Swedish Safety & Plus Tested

    Engineered in Sweden, the Envirokid not only prioritises rear-facing safety but has also cleared the rigorous Swedish Plus Test, setting the standard for child car seat safety worldwide. This certification guarantees the highest level of protection for your child’s head and neck. In addition, the seat is equipped with Advanced Side Impact Protection (ASIP) to enhance safety during lateral impacts.

    Balancing Comfort and Responsibility:

    The Envirokid is committed to reducing its environmental impact without sacrificing quality or safety. The Envirobase, which is crucial for the installation, is crafted from BioLite material, an innovative eco-friendly material that maintains the strength and durability you’d expect in a high-quality car seat.

    Complementing this, our seat textile is crafted from FSC and Oeko-Tex certified viscose yarn and feature bamboo elements. This more sustainable choice benefits both your family and the environment, while also minimising microplastic release and reducing our carbon footprint. The material chosen is not only a conscious choice for the planet, it also offers a plush, soft touch for ultimate comfort against your child’s skin.

    The Axkid Envirobase is needed for the installation of the car seat.

    Axkid Enviro Kid