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  • Our safest rear facing seat from 6 months to 7 years


    Rear facing forever and ever

    Grows with your child all the way to 125 cm and amazingly 36 kg. Market-leading leg space up to 26 cm. Making it comfortable even for a seven-year-old.

    Unique safety concept

    The unique external frame on the seat will truly bear the forces in a frontal crash. In addition, the seat shell has a very rigid spine that will make sure your child is kept in a stable position in an impact.

    Flexible and easy installation

    Being belt installed means you can install the seat in any position in the car, even in the front passenger seat and middle rear bench. The belt installation is intuitive with several clever solutions and the easiest on the market.

    The seat that cares for the future

    By using long-lasting materials and making the exchange of parts a lot easier, we have really extended the lifetime of this seat. By stretching the lifetime all the way to about 15 years we’re also caring for the future of our children.



    Long lasting safety for toddlers


    Revolutionary safety concept with an external frame keeping your child safe all the way to 36 kg and 125 cm

    Passed the world’s toughest crash test: the Plus Test

    Impact absorbing seat shell materials and construction

    Additional side impact protection SIP+ that easily slides on to the seat

    Protective and soft headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber™

    Approved to the latest UN R129 regulation

    Allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing until approx. 7 years of age

    State-of-the-art functionality for easy everyday use


    Belt installation makes it possible to place anywhere in yo