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  • What do we love about the Besafe Stretch B at Saunders & Smalls Car seats?

    This seat features incredible leg room, up to 26cm!

    It features the newborn shell + head hugger with extra side protection walls.

    It’s got self tightening tethers to and easy to access belt installation, helping to make the install that much easier and quicker.

    The support leg alerts you when it’s not fully making contact with the vehicle floor.

    The seat features a unique extra secure and rigid spine, ensuring little one is protected if in the event of a collision.

    You can recline the seat when installed as to not disturb little one when sleeping. The fabrics look and feel incredibly soft and premium. Paired with the magnetic belt assistants, keeping the harness neatly out of the way whilst you sit little one in the seat, it makes a fantastic choice. The headrest can be raised or lowered in one action.

    The seat lasts from 40-125cm/36kg! So will last your little one from birth to approximately 7 years of age rear facing depending on centiles. The seat is Swedish plus tested, said to be the worlds most rigorous crash testing in the world, giving you peace of mind you’re got all you can to ensure you’re protecting your Small in the event of a collision.

    The seat is approved under The latest standard for car seats: UN R129 (specific vehicle)

    The height of the child defines when the seat can be used. Stretch can be used from 40-125 cm

    The max. weight of the child can be 36 kg

    Your child can use the car seat from approx. 0 – 7 years (Disclaimer)

    The seat is installed with the car’s internal 3-point vehicle belt

    The car seat is purely rear facing

    The car seat is weighing 12,5 kg

    100% Polyester

    All fabrics are following the strict REACH standards.

    Besafe Stretch B