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Britax Safeway M
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Elevate your child's travel experience with the SAFE-WAY M car seat, offering extended rearward facing safety and comfort from infancy up to 7 years old. German-engineered for durability and equipped with a ClickTight System for effortless installation, this seat meets the strictest safety standards, including the Swedish Plus Test. Journey with confidence knowing the SAFE-WAY M is designed for both security and ease, ensuring your little one's adventures are as safe as they are joyful.

Welcome to Saunders & Smalls Car Seats

At Saunders & Smalls, we are committed to the safety and well-being of your precious little ones during every car ride. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge, support, and top-quality car seats to keep your children safe and secure.

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What does it all mean ? 

We understand it can be overwhelming when choosing the right car seat for your children.


With different positions, fabrics, safety harnesses, inserts, regulations and The Swedish Plus Test to name a few. It can sometimes get a bit too much. 

With our expert advice and knowledge you can relax with the confidence that your little ones will be the safest they can possibly be whilst travelling. 

Here's some information about the Key things that's worth knowing. 


Rear Facing 

Rear facing a child until or beyond at least 4 years of age has been scientifically proven to be the safest direction for a child to face when in a vehicle. When in a collision the forces push the child into the seat, therefore the car seat shell absorbs the majority of the impact rather than the child's spine and organs, like they would when pushed forwards into the harness of a forward facing car seat. 



Currently, there are two regulations running alongside one another ( confusing right? ) there is the ECE R44/04, which is weight-based and scarily states that a child can be placed forward facing from as little as 9kg, for context our higher centile son was 9kg at around 7 months of age.

Then there is also the R129, commonly known as i-size. Which is height based and states a child must remain rear-facing until at least the age of 15 months old. The next stage seats are then height based and cannot be used past the height limit.


Plus Test 

The Swedish Plus Test is a voluntary test in which manufacturers/ brands can submit to have their seats tested in this extremely rigorous crash test. A seat that has passed this test is confirmed to offer further protection to the child's spine, as the test measures the forces which are subjected to the child's neck when in a collision.This reduces the risk of life threatening injuries exposed by a frontal collision. 

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